Abducted by Aliens

Prompt: An alien has just abducted you. Give three reasons why it would send you back to earth from your point of view. Then, what are three reasons it would send you back from her/his point of view.


1: Dangerous diseases.

One reason why an alien would send me back is the potential of us both getting a dangerous foreign disease. Aliens would be entirely not used to human diseases and have not built a resistance to them. This could be a problem in that even a minor cold might kill their entire species very quickly.

2: A sign of war.

If any government found out that one of their citizens had been abducted this would likely cause a war between us and them, which would not be beneficial for either.

3: Potential fatalities.

Some of the experiments the aliens could run on me might be accidentally fatal.  Most likely, subjects of the previous experiments were members of their own race, and were not practiced upon a member of our species.


1:  I believe they too would worry about the dangerous potential of foreign diseases.

2: The threat of their existence being found out.

While simply keeping me would have a low chance of being found out, people would notice me being gone. Dropping me off back on the planet would easily work to obscure people’s views that aliens were there in the first place.

3: Costs / Resource requirements of keeping me.

What if the aliens do not have a common resource they could give me as edible food? That would make it nearly impossible to survive for long, and the only way they could logically get it would be obtaining it from earth which would likely be very costly.

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