Welcome to my corner of the world. In an ongoing effort to write and think about life in deep ways, I will use this site for musings, insights, occasional rants, and sometimes what I think is funny. I also use this blog to practice writing quickly to a prompt because I tend to be a slow overly careful writer. Comment if you would like. I am new to writing for the public so please bear with me as I figure out my approach.


Hockey Facts

Early yesterday while me and my family were watching TV we ended up watching some hockey. While doing that I quoted the first fact on this list. I thought you dear reader might enjoy some more hockey facts so here they are. “The Gretzky brothers hold the NHL record for the most goals scored by …

Baseball Fact

I found this fact while I was browsing the internet yesterday and I thought my readers would enjoy it. This is because I used to live in Staunton and some of my close family members love baseball. “In 1914, the city of Staunton fielded a team in the Virginia Mountain Baseball League: The Staunton Lunatics.”


I am a teenager from Central Virginia, who lives in Central Texas with my parents, grandmother, and dog.